My Teaching Philosophy

Jack Gale, PGA Master Professional

​For most people golf is an extremely difficult game to learn.  My goal as an instructor is to make each student’s time on the golf course as enjoyable as possible by improving their fundamentals and increasing their understanding of the golf swing.  It is much easier to make the proper movements of the golf swing, when one understands and recognizes the basics.  I work with the ability of my students to find out what they want from their game, what they are capable of and what it will take to achieve this.

​A philosophy is defined as “the principles of a particular field of knowledge”.  In golf, these principles include the cornerstones of all players’ games; namely grip, stance, posture and ball position.  All golfers from beginners to world-class players must work on the basic elements of the setup to become consistent.  An unchanging pre-shot routine is essential.  When a golfer has a solid pre-shot routine, the cornerstones become part of the process, and are easy to repeat.  Virtually all top players have a proper grip, appropriate stance, good posture and correct ball position.

​My style of teaching has developed by reading numerous books, studying instructional articles, watching videos, using training aids, watching the Golf Channel and attending seminars by top coaches.  I use my ideas, thoughts, styles, drills and phrases from this research to produce my method of teaching.  I continue to learn and expand my knowledge.  I use my teaching style with all levels of golfers in private golf lessons, clinics, playing lessons and group sessions.In March 2010, I became a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor.  The TPI program assists Golf Professionals in assessing swing faults and understanding the corresponding physical deficiencies which cause these errors.  The program offers a physical assessment for golfers and exercises to correct your problems.

​My business card uses the following quote: “Offering personalized golf instruction to improve the consistency of your swing and to increase the distance of your shots using my knowledge of the golf swing and the body, and video swing analysis”.