Online Academy presented by JackGaleGolfLessons.com offering online golf lessons.

The Online Academy is available to golfers of all ability levels from beginners to low handicap players.  The process is as follows:

It’s Easy:  You can video your swing anywhere for an online golf lesson… at home, in a large open area indoors, at the driving range or even on the course during a round.

Pricing:  Costs for online golf lessons are much lower than an in-person golf lesson and are listed below for a single session or for a four session package.  Each session includes two videos taken from face on and down the line.    

          Single Session: $19.99    

          Progress Package: Four sessions for $59.99; See your progress from one session to the next.

Individual:  Each online golf lesson will be personally reviewed by Jack Gale, PGA Master Professional.  You will receive personalized golf instruction based on your swing.

Personal:  Only you and Jack Gale will know about these lessons.  No one else will be viewing the instruction.  No one will be watching you while on the range.

Value:  You will receive tips on grip, stance, posture, swing fundamentals, etc. on your return video.  

What Do I Do To Make This Happen:  You simple need to video your swing via your smart phone or a camcorder and email it to jack@jackgalegolflessons.com.  See below how to properly video your swing from the two positions.

Progress:  If you spend the appropriate time working on these changes, you should expect to see results.

How Do I Video Tape My Swing:  Two separate videos should be taken; one from face on the golfer and a second from down the target line.  Here are some important video tips:

          Face On:  Video should be taken at chest level facing the the chest.

          Down The Line: Video should be taken at chest level along the hand line parallel to the target line.

          Overall Video Tips:  

               Your entire body, the golf ball and the golf club should be visible throughout the video.

               Please make the clips short.  

               Keep the camera as still as possible; if available utilize a tripod.

               Club head should be visible at all times.

               Ball and impact should be visible.  

               Better video leads to a better online golf lesson.